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  This is an Aquarium, Fish & Pond Information Directory (Resource) site.
  This aquatic resource site will continue to add to its base of information and articles, so come back often.

    This site has four basic sections:
  We also have links to outside sources such as Cichlid Research, The Krib, and several good Aquatic Forums and Directories (Below the articles section); Please be sure to visit them.
  As for forums, this site recommends the very unique "Everything Aquatic" forum for its unique format/content in a friendly atmosphere, without the attacks found in some forums.



-This is a growing Aquarium Information (and Pond) site with articles that are regularly updated as new information becomes available (this includes corrections).
This websites articles, aquarium and pond answers, help, and resources are researched and up to date, often with information not found elsewhere in one article such as the excellent "Aquarium Lighting article. Based on 30 years of professional aquarium maintenance experience & extensive research.
Probably one of the best Free Aquatic Information sites on the web today!
Aquarium and Pond Answers, unique aquatic posts, answers to aquaria forum questions AQUARIUM AND POND ANSWERS

-This is a great resource for answers to questions posted on different aquarium forums or simply asked of the author directly.
Here are just a few: • Sodium Chloride (salt) in FW aquariumsProtein Skimmers/ Ozone GeneratorsWater ConditionersTap water, • Parasites; Flukes and Worms in FishDo fish drink?Silicone use, Aquarium Repair and constructionAquarium Size, Fish StuntingDropsyAquarium Algae; Brown Diatom, moreAquarium NitratesBio Wheel ReviewCarbon; Aquarium or Pond, • Pond Veggie/ Bog Filters, • Aquarium Carbon, • PUR vs PAR in Aquarium Lighting, Aquarium Heater Review, And MANY more.
Fish Beginner
- Unique new aquatic information website in question and answer FAQ format
Such as: Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Basics, FAQ
OR What Aquarium Filter(s) Should I Choose?

Cichlid Research

Colorado Aquarium Society
Welcome to The Colorado Aquarium Society
Aquarium and Pond Article Digest

With articles such as:
"Aquarium Lighting Digest",
LED Aquarium Lights, & LED Light Review, Including; EcoTech, Marineland, E.Shine, Maxspect, Ecoxotic, BoostLED, Aqua Illumination Sol

St. Marys Marine Biology LED Experiments; AquaRay Vs. Build My LED
The Krib: Aquaria and Tropical Fish -This site contains information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web. The negatives are readability and out of date articles

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  These articles are just a few of those found at Aquarium Information; Aquatic Resources & other sites
  This section is for generally more specific topics vs. the above listed sites, for example Aquarium Lighting is one of the premier articles in the subject of aquarium lighting.

  NO "FishLore" Anecdotal Incorrect Information Found Here such as about UV Sterilizer Use!!

  For the Excellent Sites found in the Directories, Forums, and Blogs section; please scroll below the Articles

A CLEAR POND; Pond Care Basics

A CLEAR POND; Proper Pond Filtration, Cleaning, care, chemistry & basics
(including pond predator scarecrows) for maintaining a beautiful garden pond.
-Keeping a clear garden pond in the warm or hot summer months involves these key ingredients: proper filtration, cleaning, proper chemistry and feeding. Also Winter care tips. A well maintained pond improves the beauty of your home and garden.

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