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NITROGEN CYCLE AND AQUARIUM CYCLING; How the aquarium nitrogen cycle works
- This article explains the key components of the nitrogen cycle as well as methods of aquarium cycling.
This article is by far the most accurate and researched on the subject of the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle (another aquarium nitrogen cycle article that comes up in Google Search still promotes the discredited raw shrimp cycling method?!?)

-How UV sterilization works. This article explains the benefits and myths about aquarium and pond uv sterilization; What is UVC and what is the proper UVC wave length? What is the Redox Potential and what is the proper Redox Balance?

AQUARIUM FILTRATION; UGF, HOB, Sponge, Internal, Canister, Wet/Dry, Fluidized Bed, Mud, Germicidal, and Protein Skimmer Filters.
-including proper care, advantages, disadvantages and trouble shooting

AQUARIUM MEDICATIONS, treatments, how they work, and which ones to use and not to use.
-Up to date information about aquarium and pond medications and how they work; from antibiotics, chemical, to organic treatments. Also medication basics such as gram negative and gram positive.

AQUARIUM CHEMISTRY; CALCIUM, KH, pH, GH; How to maintain a Proper KH, why calcium and positive mineral electrolytes are important.
-The most in depth article on the importance of aquarium water chemistry including often ignored important water parameters

AQUARIUM LIGHTING, Facts & Information
-Easily the most current well researched aquarium lighting article on the internet today, often updated weekly. This article gleans lighting research from outside the aquarium industry so as to not get stuck in the same rut so many anecdotal aquarium lighting articles get into, this is especially important in the fast developing Aquarium LED Technologies by AquaRay/AAP and SHO lights (which many often simply miss in other aquatic lighting articles)

Iridovirus in Gouramis; Iridoviruses are a family of viruses that contain DNA as their genetic material and have an icosahedral (20-sided) capsid. Iridoviruses have been found in a wide variety of fish, including both freshwater and saltwater species.


Saltwater Fish

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Based on real professional aquarium experience and advice.


Broken Aquarium is about experience, mixed with science. It’s a fresh look at aquarium keeping, from the lens of what can be explained with facts. This site is supported by real experts in the hobby and industry. We’re here to try and make a difference. Consider supporting sites like these. They make for real sources of quality information, which is so needed on the internet.

My Aquarium Opinions
My Aquarium Opinions; My unique experience with an Aquarium Service firm

An excellent blog penned by a long time aquarium maintenance professional with much industry experience and mentoring.

Articles include:
AAP Professional Aquarium Treatments; For Columnaris, Ich, more
Lighting a Planted or Reef Tank: Understanding PAR & PUR
Shilling Hikari Aquarium Sponge Filters for Amazon
YouTube & Facebook for Aquarium Keeping Information

*ISW - Fish Farm & Hatchery Supplies

Aquarium forum, saltwater, freshwater tanks, pondsEVERYTHING AQUATIC - An aquatic forum with friendly honest answers from professionals. Also links to unique and vast resource libraries found on NO other forum.
This site includes member posted information articles such as "What do i need to start with a tank " and many others as well as a friendly aquarium forum board: Everything Aquatic Forum Board

This is also a fast growing popular forum for those interested in the articles, blog posts, and questions answered in emails by Carl Strohmeyer (of Aquarium Information; Aquatic Resources; as this forum is used to cross post questions answered elsewhere, and inform readers of updates and corrections to older articles as well alert readers to new articles.

FISH AS PETS -Articles and commentary of Interest to the Aquarium Hobby, for the healthy care of freshwater, saltwater, to pond fish and other aquaria. Fish as Pets posts include articles about new species, local aquarium stores and common misinformation often perpetrated by forums such as Yahoo Answers.

A few examples of Articles include these:
*Common Aquarium Keeping Myths
*Aquatronics, now AAP Spectrogram Aquarium Treatments
*Wonder Shells; from "Aquatic Community"
*PUR or RQE, YouTube Video Fail- Guide to lighting a planted tank
*Aquarium Moon Lights; Is Moon Light truly Blue?
*LED Aquarium Lights
*Aquarium Forum Hall of Shame Part 4: SHO Lamps/Lights; This article comments about the misinformation about SHO & LED lighting for aquariums.
*Melafix, Pimafix Dangers; Betta, Labyrinth Fish, Pencil Fish
*Moon Jellyfish
*Planaria, Detritus Worms, in Aquariums ; this is one of the most extreme examples of where the majority of Google Searches brings up VERY incorrect information
*Columnaris Disease in Fish; Inaccurate Information by Wikipedia, others; another article that deals with the poor search results brought up by Google (again serious aquarium keepers should use Bing or Yahoo)
*DMOZ Corruption, this article deals with the corruption at DMOZ, at least as it pertains to the fish/aquaria where anecdotal or worse web sites get listings while the best most researched web sites are not allowed. This post is a must read for those find the Dissemination of misinformation that often and in fact does result in the death of fish!!
As well similar post exposes the truth about Google and its many dishonest and illegal activities, especially as it pertains to the aquarium hobby:
Google IS Evil, Content Plagiarism; TruAqua, Dr. Fosters & Smith, more
*Pet Mountain Review, this article reviews a web site honest persons should avoid like the plague!

Aquarium Supplies & Resources
-The purpose of this Web Site is to provide resources for top notch/researched aquarium information as well as resources, links, & descriptions to some of the top quality and value aquarium products.

This site includes interesting posts as well such as:
*Unique Aquarium Information Articles,
*Fluidized Aquarium Filter Review,
*New Aquarium Light Technology; SHO
*What to know before Purchasing an Aquarium LED Light

Or this very popular page:
*UV-C Bulb; Replacement Reference Guide;
This is an excellent and growing resource for often hard to match references for many different UVC lamps. This guide is arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer of the UV Sterilizer/Clarifier/Unit.

Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilizer; Reviews
Posts and Articles dealing with truths and myths as well as new research updates about UV Sterilization. Often from forums, YouTube and elsewhere.
Such as UV Sterilizer Problems; Equipment such as Submersible UV Clarifiers

UV Sterilization Directory A site with links/resources to several sites/articles dealing with different aspects of ultra-violet sterilization; a great reference site to find other articles about the application of UVC for home, business, aquarium, & pond UV Purification, Clarification, & Sterilization.

How to make a 55 gallon tank stand (48X13X20)

Aquarium Medications, Treatments, Purifiers

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American Aquarium (& Pond) Products/Information; Online Warehouse; POSTS

Contact For Website Inquiries ONLY, this is NOT for questions:


Marine Mineral Blocks

AAP Easy Marine mineral block
Easy Marine Aquarium Mineral Dosing Video

Medicated Wonder Shells

AAP medicated wonder shell
Medicated Mineral Blocks Video

Freshwater Alkaline

Freshwater alkalinity KH help
Freshwater Alkaline Help

TMC vs Aqua

Aqua UV versus TMC UV Sterilizer
VIDEO: Aqua Pond UV vs TMC AAP Pond UV Clarifier Sterilizer

A comparison of the two top large pond/aquarium-system UV Sterilizers and why the AAP/TMC comes out as the best when price and dwell time is considered

AquaRay Light Demo

AAP Aquaray LED demo
TMC AquaRay LED Showcase


Aquarium bulkhead help
Aquarium Bulkhead Tips and Tricks

Cloudy Tank

8 ways to fix a cloudy aquarium
8 Reasons for a Cloudy Freshwater Tank

Plumbing Parts, Pump specification

how to  find pump flow rate
Calculate Flow Rate

Freshwater Basics, Aquarium Chemistry

Freshwater GH General Hardness help
Freshwater Aquarium GH

Aquarium Answers HITH

 Fish Hole in the head treatment
Fish Hole in the Head

Sponge Filtration

AAP ATI Hydro Sponge Review
ATI Hydro Sponge Showcase

Sponge Filtration

powerhead pump versus airpump
Hydro Sponge w/ Power Head & AirPump

Plumbing Parts, Pump specification

how to fix a leak in plumbing or equipment
How to Fix Leaking Plumbing and Equipment

Aquarium sterilization,

Do I really need a uv sterilizer
Do I Really Need UVC?

Nitrate Reduction

How to reduce aquarium and pond nitrates

AAP Professional Treatments

Best Aquarium & Pond Medications
VIDEO: AAP Professional Aquarium & Pond Medications


Why need a Sterilizer

Why need an aquarium uv
Video; Why Need a Aquarium or Pond UV

Spirulina 20 Fish Food Review

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Review
Spirulina Algae Fish Food | Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Review

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